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Welcome to the Century Village Boca Raton Theater. Our 1,147 seat Theater offers some of the best live entertainment in Florida with top performers providing a diverse program of entertainment and movies with something for everyone.


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Ticket Information

We offer several convenient ways to purchase tickets to our performances. You can purchase in advance, online or at the Box Office located in the Clubhouse. For information on sale dates and when each selection will be available, please contact the Box Office or you can view the season ticket program that is located in the season brochure when it becomes available. Credit Cards accepted are Visa®, Mastercard® and Discover®. All checks are made payable to HIL BOCA, LLC. All ticket prices include sales tax.

Tickets can be purchased seven days a week at the Box Office from 9:00 am - 10:30 pm. On the night of a performance, only that night’s tickets will be sold for one hour and 15 minutes prior to show time.

To purchase tickets online go to and select community code CVBR. Login with your personal access code, which will be sent to you upon email request to

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Theater Policies

Century Village Owners and Renters may only purchase tickets for themselves and their guests. All Owners and Renters must present a valid Boca Raton Century Village ID to purchase and pick up tickets at the Box Office, including but not limited to tickets purchased online. Absolutely No Exceptions.

All ticket sales are final. All programs are subject to change and/or modification without notice. In the event a show headliner cancels, no refunds will be given when a comparable show is scheduled. When a purchased ticket is eligible for a refund, a refund will only be given upon the presentation of the whole, unaltered ticket. You will have 30 days from the announcement of the show cancellation to receive your refund from the Box Office. After that date, no refunds will be given. If tickets are purchased online, the convenience charge will not be refunded.

Please note that photography, audio, or videotaping is strictly prohibited.

Century Village recreational facilities, including the theater, are handicapped accessible. Persons with disabilities needing special accommodations should contact the Box Office to request such accommodation.

As public health and safety protocols evolve, management will continue to abide by all CDC recommendations and guidelines. At this time, it is recommended that all persons utilizing the recreation facilities, including the theater, wear a face mask. In the event the CDC or your Management and Operations committee or Cen-West, deem it necessary to require masks and/or social distancing in the theater, please be prepared to comply with such guidelines. All persons using the recreation facilities, including the theater, do so at their own risk.

Season Entertainment

Click below to view the Season Brochure, Order Form and other important season information.

2024-2025 Season Brochure Available On 8/6/24
2024-2025 Season Order
2024-2025 Season Group Ticket Instructions
2024-2025 Season Preview Video
2024-2025 Season Ticket Program Instructions

Summer Entertainment

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Summer 2024 Order Form
Summer 2024 Brochure

Theater Seating Chart

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Seating Chart

Season Mail Order Form

Sign up to receive the next Season Brochure and Ticket Order form in the mail. Just fill out a mail order form available at the Staff Office or print out the form below. Return it along with $3.00 to cover postage and handling to the Staff Office.

Season Mail Order Form

Online Ticket Manual

If you have questions on how to purchase tickets online you can view the online manual below or contact the Box Office.
Online Ticket Manual Coming Shortly

Boca Raton Clubhouse

Click below to view the Boca Raton Clubhouse website and the current COBRUA Reporter Newspaper.
Boca Raton Clubhouse Website
Cobrua Reporter Newspaper
The information provided in this section has been created, provided and maintained by Cen-West Communities, Inc. and COBRUA. The information is made available on this page as a convenience for the Century Village community and the accuracy or legitimacy of the information cannot be verified by CV Theaters Entities and the inclusion of this information on this page does not constitute an endorsement, approval, consent, opinion, authorization, or sanction by CV Theaters Entities.

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